12 Creative Strategies to Weaning Your Toddler from The Pacifier

It’s interesting when you see that a pacifier soothes your baby and the relief it gives you as parents when your baby takes it is immeasurable.

But what you didn’t probably prepare for is the trouble of weaning your toddler from using the pacifier.

Here are a few creative tips on how to wean your toddler from the pacifier.

1. Take the Pacifier away early.

There is no easier way to weaning a child from the pacifier than to do it while the child is unable to throw tantrums or show his discontent.

One of the reasons why it is difficult to wean them later is because toddlers have a strong way of protesting which many times you end up giving in to.

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As early as six to eight months, you can withdraw the pacifier.

2.  Go cold turkey

This approach is to completely say no to the use of the pacifier and take it away. It’s your child and you know how to handle your child.

Such as organizing a party and telling your toddler that after this party, your binky is going.

3. You can make taste bitter

You can coat the pacifier with bitter substances that are not harmful to your child and neither is the child allergic to.

You can also get bitter substances from your pharmacy and coat the pacifier with it.

4. Discuss it with your toddler

You can have a hearty and creative discussion with your toddler about giving up the pacifier. For example, you can tell your toddler that big boys growing into great men don’t need to use pacifier anymore.

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Or that there are new babies that don’t have pacifiers and it will be great if he can do a good deed by donating his pacifier to them.

5. Stop gradually

All though this might not totally be a good idea you as a parent knows what works for your child more than any stranger.

You can decide to take away the pacifier at night and allow the child use it in the day or take it away during the day and allow it soothe your toddler to sleep. Whatever routine you choose to keep steady to it until you finally wean your child from the pacifier.

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Don’t change your mind because of his tantrums; it is normal for them to test your resolution that way. After a period, they will adjust to your decision.

6. Let Pacifier get lost

Intentionally or unintentionally, make sure that the pacifier is lost or that it never gets in the view of your toddler.

7. Binky Fairy’s arrival

Prepare your child for the night Binky Fairy will arrive to take his binky with such excitement and will leave a thank you note which will be written by you.

8. Stop offering the pacifier as a means of soothing. Find new means of comfort such as videos or colorful toys to keep his mind off the pacifier.

9. Read books to your child about characters that gave up their pacifiers and how they became better children.

10. Your toddler might just give up the pacifier on his own. Watch out and don’t force it on him again.

11. Plan ahead. Don’t wake up one day without any clue and just take off the pacifier

12. Be patient and firm with your toddler about taking away his binky.

Thanks for making it this far, please let us know if any of these strategies worked for you or you got a better strategy you want us to know about? Please use the comment box.

12 Creative Strategies to Weaning Toddler from The Pacifier

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12 Creative Strategies to Weaning Toddler from The Pacifier
12 Creative Strategies to Weaning Toddler from The Pacifier

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  1. The binky fairy! genius ! We know so many people who have been trying to get their child to leave the habit. we will definitely be sending this across

    • I know that pacifairy not always works, it really depends what your kid likes and how trustful it is. But i know a guide from parental-love.com where you will find many more methods which you can go in a really smart interaction with your baby.

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