8 Simple and Clever Ways to Stop A Toddler from Hitting

Children hit and bite all the time either out of anger, defense, jealousy or trying to pick new behaviors and to see how others will react. No parent likes to be called over the misbehavior of the child especially when it has become a habit.

Parents don’t like to see their children hit or get into a fight. The natural reaction is to either scold or punish the child which many times do not achieve the result we want.

Because negative reaction might stop the child at the moment but not for a long time, you might want to find a more lasting solution to your child’s hitting habit. Instead of shouting and punishing always, teach your child what to do.

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  • Don’t overlook the behavior

Take your child away from the scene or situation and prevent your child from hitting firmly and not in anger.

  • Remain in control and be calm

Don’t react to your child’s behavior in anger because he is learning from you. And don’t hit your child because you are correcting him for hitting another child especially in anger. Doing that only teaches him that it is the acceptable way to respond to unfavorable situations.

  • Take time to understand the reason for hitting

The period between fourteen months and twenty-four months are times when children hit the most because they cannot express themselves verbally. Find out if your child is using hitting to communicate or show disapproval or to just misbehave. Then address the reasons for his hitting.

  • Let there be consequences

If your child has made hitting a habit then there should be consequences for him hitting. Be consistent with the disciplinary measure. Make your child know that hitting will not be tolerated. You can redirect his energy to a constructive activity to keep him busy or sober.

  • Help him control his anger with this tips

Teach your child to use his words in a polite manner in place of hitting. He can express his hurt, anger or disappointments with words and not be quick to hit anyone.

Practice deep breathing with your child when your child is angry. Tell him to breathe in and out until his anger calms down

  • Examples can go a long way

Show your toddler examples of good and bad outcomes of hitting. Praise him when he is doing well and show him when he is getting it wrong. If there are examples around you or among your neighbors, show him so that he will be aware of the consequences of behaving poorly or the gains of exhibiting control over his temper.

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  • Hold a discussion with your toddler before he joins a playgroup

Because your toddler listens to your and you are the biggest influence on your toddler, if you talk to your child he would listen to you.

Make him understand that it is not acceptable to hit anyone especially as he is going to be among more children. Discuss appropriate and inappropriate behaviors with him

  • Attention is very important

Remember most importantly to give your child attention and affection. Your affection and attention go a long way in building his character and relationship with others.

Let me know if any of these tips worked for you or rather your tried something else? Pls, let me know.

8 Simple and Clever Ways to Stop A Toddler from Hitting
Ways to Stop A Toddler from Hitting
8 Simple and Clever Ways to Stop A Toddler from Hitting

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