6 Tried and Trusted Solutions to Toddler Night Waking

Night waking is a common occurrence in toddlers. Many kids under five years of age don’t sleep all through the night.

Even in adults, we wake up at certain times of the night and we may or may not remember it.

Toddlers wake up for a number of reasons at night.  Babies wake up either because of a wet diaper, beat or cold, hunger or thirst, illness, teething, poor sleep habits, night-time fears, separation anxiety, night mares or developmental stage leap.

To find the solution to your toddler’s night wake is to know the reason for his night wake and address it.

1. Environmental triggers: if your toddler watches a horror movie or watches a thriller, he might suffer from nightmares.

If you have a television set that you put on in the night or a music player playing music when your toddler is sleeping, these could greatly interrupt his sleep.

2. Some medical disorders such as acid reflux which could cause stomach pain and vomiting, obstructive sleep apnoea which causes snoring could be the reason your toddler wakes frequently at night.

For see you would need to see a pediatrician to find a solution to such problems.

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3. Hunger and wet diapers could be the one keeping your toddler awake. If your child is used to nursing or bottle several times at night, he might keep expecting that and so wake up in the night to feed. If your child is such he would certainly require diaper change in the night.

You would have to start reducing how many times he feeds in the night or just go cold turkey even though this might be hard. He would finally adjust and sleep through the night.

4. Exhaustion could be the reason for your baby’s poor sleeping through the night especially if he doesn’t get enough sleep previous nights. To solve this problem, you would have to sleep train your child. Read about how to sleep train your toddler.

5. Separation anxiety and night-time fears are what many children suffer from. If you have a fearful child then you should find help. Never ignore your child’s night fears because they are not developed enough to handle distressing situations and emotions.

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These fears could lead to nightmares. Sleep training doesn’t reduce or resolve separation anxiety. Help your child grow into gaining some level of independence.

6. A full bladder can keep your toddler night waking. If your little one has an urge to frequently urinate or has an irritable bladder, then you should reduce or cut back on the amount he takes before going to bed.

Urinary tract infection could cause your child especially female children which are more prone to Urinary Tract Infection to have irritable bladder so get the infection treated.

Keep your children’s toilet, bath areas and potty clean and disinfected regularly to prevent them contracting Urinary Tract Infection.

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Study your child to know what is responsible for the night waking and discuss with other parents let them share their experiences and how they are handling it or how they handled it and it just might give you insight to understanding your baby and the best way to address the night waking.

How were you able to help your baby sleep through the night or you probably used to his night waking? Let me know by leaving a comment.

6 Tried and Trusted Solutions to Toddler Night Waking
6 Tried and Trusted Solutions to Toddler Night Waking

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6 Tried and Trusted Solutions to Toddler Night Waking

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