4 Handy Teeth Chart for A Trouble-Free Baby Teething

Especially as a new mom, it is very difficult to predict when your baby first tooth will eventually erupt.

However, a study predicts that a child starts teething about 6 months – 8 months.

This study varies with different babies because babies have a different developmental schedule, some might start teething at about 3 months and some after 8 months which is absolutely normal.

It is important not only to keep track of when and how baby teeth grow but also when they actually lose these temporary teeth otherwise known as milk teeth to grow the permanent teeth, which is where a teeth chart comes handy.

Before I proceed to share these 4 teething handy charts to keeping track of the order which baby teeth grow, I would like to answer the most frequently asked questions about teething.

Teething can be quite challenging even for experienced mamas since it comes with frequent whining and pooping from the child, increase in temperature and various acts and attitudes depending on the baby’s nature.

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When Does Teething Starts?

According to standfordchildren.org, teeth development starts right after the fetus forms in the belly, which is why the mom’s diet is very important in the development process of the teeth.

As said earlier the primary teeth start erupting as at 6 months to 8 months and some kids start a bit earlier, as early as 3 months and some will arrive late into the game from 8 months upward.

How Long Does Teething takes?

Taking the teething charts below into consideration it can take up to 2 years to 3 years before a baby completes the growth of the primary teeth.

This is also depending on the nature of the baby; some babies complete this growth in less than 2 years and it might take some babies over 3 years to complete.

So How Many Primary Teeth or milk teeth will my Baby Grow?

The baby grows 20 primary teeth which can be classified into 4;

  • Central incisors
  • Lateral incisors
  • Canines
  • Molars

More information on how they grow and what comes with each growth are fully explained in the handy teething charts below.

What Are Teething Symptoms?

Babies start showing teething symptoms few days before the tooth actually arrives some might 3 days to 5 days and some kids tooth erupt without any noticeable symptoms.

Some common symptoms of teething experienced by most mothers are as follows;

  • Baby frequently put hands in the mouth at the same time pulling the ear.
  • Refusal of food especially solid food.
  • The baby having trouble having a sound sleep.
  • Developing swollen gums.
  • Biting and chewing anything they can lay their hands on.
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What Are the Remedies for Having an Effortless or Painless Teething?

Though it is actually impossible to have a completely painless teething process, however, this pain can be brought to the bare minimum with some proven remedies;

Some of these remedies are Teegel, Bongela, and Medijel and some home remedies include the application of frozen fruits like banana and peeled carrot to the gum.

I will cover more of this in an upcoming post, please subscribe to my newsletter so I can keep you posted on when the post eventually goes live.

Why Do I Need A Teeth Chart?

Aforementioned, it is important to keep track of the order of this growth to help you keep calm throughout your baby’s teething period.

Whenever your baby shows wonder you know exactly what brought about it, what to do and how long it will last.

Below Are 4 Teething Handy Chart That Will Help Make You A Superb Mom.

Please go through all of the 4 teeth charts, if possible print them out because each chart explains the process in different ways, with different diagrams and examples.

Baby teething chart By Dr. Steven Lin

teeth chart

One of the most helpful information online on teething, Dr. Steven started the guide by explaining what exactly should be expected from the chart, then he preceded to answer few questions about teething.

Diving each process into 3 phases, the guide explains through various steps how each phase occurs, the month it will take each phase to elapsed, the types of teeth that erupt out of each phase and challenges attached to each phase.

Baby Teeth Chart by Mama natural

Baby Teeth Chart

One very fascinating thing about this chart is the diagram, well designed and appealing to the eye.

The chart not only contain diagrams but an in-depth explanation of each type of teeth the baby grows throughout the teething process.

The guide was completed with a breakdown of the chart.

Baby Teething Chart by Babyteething

baby teeth chart

The chart shows the teething process in order of appearance with a diagram outlined with easy to follow caption, very colorful.

The guide can be downloaded or printed out for reference purposes.

Teething Record Chart by Huggies

baby teething record chart

While the following chart above from several experts it is also imperative to have your own personal chart to keep track of your baby teeth development.

You might ask me why you would want to do this,

It will help have a permanent record of your own baby order of teeth appearance, it can serve as a reference for you and you can also share it with your friends and relatives who might go through the process in the future

Please share your experience of teething with us, so other mothers on this platform can learn.

Remember sharing is caring.


4 Handy Teeth Chart for A Trouble-Free Baby Teething

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6 Tried and Trusted Solutions to Toddler Night Waking

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