Nap Training a Toddler: All You Need to Know

Toddlers are constantly undergoing several developmental changes in their body. From physical to mental and sleep is their only life lone to restoring themselves and getting revitalized.

Knowing how much sleep a toddler needs and how much rest you need from your very active toddler, every parent would wonder why their toddler keeps evading naps and fighting off sleep; especially when you see how sleepy they are and they refuse to take the nap.

The activities going on around them are more interesting to them than the sleep and your toddler definitely doesn’t want to miss out on anything. That makes getting them to nap difficult. But here are few tips to help with that struggles.

  • Be prepared that as your baby grows into the toddler stage, the number of naps he takes for the day will reduce. If he napped three to five times previously, it will become one or two and then finally to one. By the time he is about 18 months or before then, he probably won’t sleep in the morning again.


  • Quiet Time
    If your toddler is refusing to nap because of the activities or noise around, then get him a quiet time. Turn off the TV, take away distractions that are occupying him at the time. Your child needs rest so ensure he gets it.


  • Be Consistent with His Nap Time
    When it comes to children, consistency is key. Fix his nap time and stick to the routine. After some time, your baby’s body will get used to it and will be more compliant or sleep on his own.


  • Put your child to nap when he usually sleeps at night if he stays at home with you. This helps him associate his bed with sleep. And if he is a daycare, encourage them to follow the same routine you have set up for him or follow their routine on weekends when he is with you at home.


  • Sibling Distraction
    Because your older child can engage your toddler in games or play that keeps him up when you are trying to get your toddler to nap, get the older sibling to nap too or get the older sibling join you in putting his little sister or brother to sleep and it will work out for you both especially when the older sibling is seeking your attention too.


  • Allow your child learn the art of sleeping on his own at night. Onc he is able to get himself to sleep without being rocked or nursed or read so he will be able to get himself to sleep during the day.


  • Be firm and tender
    Avoid turning nap time to fight time. Try to make him understand that he needs rest and that you want the best for him in a language he understands. He will cry and scream when you put him down but resist the urge to lie beside him if you want him to be able to get to sleep when you are not around.
    If he is still unable to nap, give him his play toys and books he likes but keep sounds and noise that keeps him from sleeping away.

Refusing to nap

How to Help Your Toddler Nap

How and When to Nap (Sleep) Train Your Baby or Toddler

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