As easy as it sounds saving money is one of the most difficult things we can do as individuals because of the many responsibilities we take on. It takes a lot of discipline and self-conscious effort to save without touching the money set aside. Saving is very important especially for people who have families and kids that why it’s important for moms to save up being better home managers. Moms should try and save in every aspect of the home from general, to food, health, credits and so much more. Here are some 25 easy money saving tips for moms this year

Be financially independent: Anything can happen in life disability, divorce or even death. You cannot avoid not to be financially independent.

Establish your budget: Get receipts for your every purchase so you see how you spend money then make a budget.

Buy produce on sale or buy what’s in season: Buy items from sales first before you get anything on your list that’s not on sale so you can save more.

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Do daycare out of your home: If you are a stay at home mom you can get a license to run a daycare which makes you get more money and save up

Resell your kid’s stuff: Do not ever keep thing you do not need. If you have things your kids outgrow sell them and save more.

Buy food in bulk: If you buy your food in bulk, you can save the money you use monthly

Reduce food waste: Throwing out food is throwing out money. Make a timetable of what you eat Monday through Friday.

Make Lunch for kids: The era of using lunch box should just end let our kids save money too

Go Generic: Ask your doctor if generic drugs are a good prescription for you so you don’t have to spend so much on brand names.

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Buy life insurance: Very important so you can protect your loved ones. Emergencies can happen to anyone at any time.

Think of saving like paying a bill: As I said earlier saving is very difficult so when you saving it’s like you are paying a bills male it compulsory.

Do not stop working: Taking care of children is not easy so you cannot afford to stop work. If you are a stay-home-mom, you can also do some work online like writing, editing and reviewing.

Buy last year’s model or older: You do not need to buy the latest gadgets or electronics or hair or accessories. Buy an older model and save up, it’s the function you need.

Routine Health checks: Make sure your self and kids do a routine health check so you don’t have to spend so much on getting sick

Reuse items: You can reuse items like empty bottles and containers to put things in our home

Family Outing: We can have fun cheap too. You can go to museums or zoo and prepare family with nice dinner after.

Hand wash: Handwashing will save you electricity use. Try it when necessary.

Carpool: Sometimes ride with friends or neighbors will save you more money.

Stay at home: When you don’t need to go out stay home it will save you some money.

Switch off Electrical appliances: When we are not using the AC or TV or light, let’s switch them off to save us energy consumption.

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Make Your own snack: Instead of spending in eateries, try and make your own snack as often as possible

Get your own garden: Try to make your own garden and go as much as you can, different vegetables

Drink more water: Let your family drink more water because sometimes when we are hungry we just need water. You can add flavored mix for the kids

Avoid Impulse shopping: try to keep 24hr between the desire to buy and the actual purchase.

Say No to your Kids Early: When you give in to buy toys they don’t need you waste money.

25 easy money saving tips

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25 easy money saving tips

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