How To Help A Shy Child Socialize:  6 Genius Hacks For Moms

Some kids are born socialites while others have the shy gene in them. While some can go all out and make it fun to stay with them, others are withdrawn and even in school can’t participate much. Not because they don’t have what to say but because they are shy.

If you have a shy toddler, you often find them clinging to mom and dad or sitting all by themselves in the absence of people they trust. You also find out that around loved one, shy toddlers can chatter all day or play nonstop but when outside, they easily disengage.

If you are going through this don’t be worried, shyness is common among pre-schoolers and some children outgrow it as soon as they build confidence in themselves. So to help your toddler overcome shyness is to help her build self-esteem.

Here are ways to help your toddler overcome shyness

  • Remember that your shy pre-schooler needs a lot of encouragement. You can create events like role play, playdates where you can act out some beautiful scenarios that your toddler encounters regularly; like being in a classroom with lots of dolls or puppets and act out roles. See how your child behaves or acts and you might be able to understand the reason for the shyness.


  • After the role play, find a great pre-school that your child can be comfortable it. A great environment can help your child grow into her full potential and deal with the shyness. Bring her to the school some days before school starts in order for her to meet the teachers and get familiar with the environment.


  • Prepare your child to know what to expect whether it’s a new school, birthday party, church, a visit to the dentist or any event that takes her out of the house. Her anxiety may decrease if she is enlightened about where she is going.


  • Deal with pessimism. Handle the matter of self-doubt or uncertainty and fear. Help her realize she belongs to the environment as much as anyone else. Be careful of sending the wrong message to her that causes her to doubt your love or her your acceptance of her and the value you place on her. Children have their fears too and desperately want to be loved.


  • Listen to your children talk about his fears patiently, empathize with her experiences and show that you understand. You can share your experience of shyness in the past because there is tendency you were once shy and how you overcame it or handled it.


  • Help your toddler make friends by coming up with games and activities for pre-schoolers and inviting over a few children. Start with one or two. When she starts warming up to them you can organize more play dates where other toddlers are invited but make sure she is not overwhelmed and she is adequately informed. If she is able to settle with this then she will soon be ready to go all out.
    You can be your child’s student. Set up teddy bears and dolls and you can identify his fears such as a mean teacher or bullying classmates and address it appropriately.

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