Dealing with Disrespectful Children: 5 Strategies That Actually Work

Parenting can be an exhausting twenty four hour job. Adding disrespectful children to the list of the task can be daunting.

Whether a child talks back at you, rolls eyes at you insult strangers or bully children at school; no form of disrespectful attitude makes a parent happy.

Here are tips to help you deal with a disrespectful child.

  1. Talk with your children.

Hold regular talks with your children. Not just when there are rough times, but also when there are good times.

Develop a relationship with your children that allows you talk to them and address their misbehavior without a fight erupting or them giving you deaf areas.

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  1. Emphasis on your children’s positives

Praise your children for their good attributes and display of good behaviors. Emphasize their strength.

It will become easier to correct their wrong behavior when they can sense love and not judgment behind your words and actions.

Also, learn to ignore some minor misbehavior.

It’s not that you are allowing them to get away with it but you are refusing to indulge some of their attention-seeking actions. And when you talk less, they listen more.

  1. Be sensitive to their needs

Many times children don’t misbehave without reasons. They might be angry, insecure or feel unloved. Listening and trying to understand their body language will help you know what measures of discipline to apply.

Even if a child is going through some unfavorable times, there is still need to hold the child accountable for his actions. Make your child understand that though there are pressures around him or her that’s no excuse to overstep boundaries and misbehave.

Everyone has their pressures but the ability to handle it properly is what makes them better persons.

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  1. Maintain your power

You don’t want to get into a frequent exchange of words with your child. If it gets too often your child will not listen to you. The feeling that they can challenge you on matters will make them keep being disrespectful. Avoid any reason that your child will have to banter words with you. Don’t also do anything that will break your child’s trust; that also gives children reasons not to listen to your words.

  1. Be consistent with your decision

From when your child is a toddler and has an understanding of some of his actions, it becomes important to be consistent with your decisions if you don’t want your child forming bad habits.

As your child grows older, make your child understand that actions and reactions have their consequences.

Don’t keep giving your child repeated chances or you might just pass the message that he can get away with just about anything.

When you set rules and boundaries, stick to them and explain to your child the reasons for your decisions.

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Never ignore insult or foul words from your child. Correct him firmly but tenderly. Such as, “Son, you know you are not allowed to use such language, apologize”. “Daughter you should never address an older person in that manner”.

If you have a defiant or disrespectful child, you should know you are not alone in this, many parents have gone this and are going through this too.

Studying your child and seeing through their eyes will help you get over the walls they erect.

What are other disciplinary tactics you have tried and worked for you, please let us know in the comment section so other moms can learn?

Dealing with Disrespectful Children: 5 strategies that actually work

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