20 Creative and Stress-Free Slime Recipes Moms Can Make with Kids in Few Minutes

As one of the simplest and easiest DIY craft, slime as manage to gain massive popularity among kids and teens, even moms, not just because of its simplicity but because of the fun one derives from making it.

Though slime has been around for a few years now and that lot of kids has made slime countless times, it is still considered as a go-to boredom buster for kids any time any day, and I think it’s totally worth.

Not only because slime is gooey and glittery has made it a fun-filled activity, rather, slime can be made in different ways depending on how creative you are and the ingredients you have at hand.

Getting the perfect ingredients for slime in local stores can be challenging for some (even for me), but thanks to Amazon we can all get it delivered to our doorstep. Below is the list of the ingredients I would recommend to make some of the slime recipes in this post.

Moms are encouraged to make slime with their kids not only that it’s fun and they enjoyed it, but rather, it’s a sensory activity that develops the 5 sense organs of the kids.

And since slime is what you want to make again and again with your kids, you might in no time run out of creative ideas which can make the boredom buster turn boredom itself.

In this post have got different recipes of edible slime, fluffy slime, and magnetic slime, rainbow slime and even slime that sparkles in the dark, borax and borax-free slime for you.

Below are 20 Creative and Stress-Free Slime Recipes Moms Can Make with Your Kids in Few Minutes

  • Best Ocean Slime
Bring the sea-like feeling to your home with this wonderful slime. Very appealing to the eye and fluffy to create unimaginable fun.

Only that you can’t try it with your little baby just because it contains borax but you can make it with your older children and even make it for yourself.

  • Google Eye Monster Slime Recipe

Now your kids don’t have to only see monsters on screens, they can now create them with slime. Though not the usual sticky slime but stretchy and the fact that you can make it in different shades makes it fun.  Seriously this slime recipe is really cool.


  • Simple Lego Slime

For the Lego lovers, you can make more fun out of your Lego with this awesome slime recipes. Bringing together tiny pieces of dots, flat circles, Lego heads and even Legoman you can create your own perfect stretchy, fluffy and gooey borax slime.


  • Rainbow Slime Recipe

This rainbow slime recipe only requires 3 ingredients and they can be reused over and over again. To get a perfect result you have to carefully mix up the ingredients in equal measure, interestingly, this rainbow slime recipe can last for weeks if not months.


  • Golden Glitter Slime

Not anymore should you be making boring single-color slime, now you can add more creativity to your slime with beautiful gold glitters your kids will definitely love. Even your kids can make this slime recipes without your supervision since its borax free and the gold glitters is safe for children.


  • Edible Slime or Gak (Chemical and Borax Free!)

Those days are over where you always have to sideline your little toddler when making slime with their older siblings just because of one ingredient – borax – with series of trials and errors this researcher was eventually able to make a completely edible slime recipe without chemicals and borax which almost anyone can play with.


  • Glitter Rainbow Slime Recipe

Another awesome rainbow slime recipe and just like I said earlier creating slime requires creativity, to make this slime come out unique, glitters in different shades were added to it and the result is awesome.  You can make it with your older children almost all the year round.


  • Glitter Nebula Slime


Gorgeous and amazing, this Nebula slime recipe brought back memories of a recent film I saw about galaxies and UFO’s, really there are a lot of wonders yet to be explored. Let your kids try their hands on this, it’s a way to bring science to life.


  • Polka Dot Slime

After several hours of trials, this slime recipes came out successful. Hmmm, do I also have to spend hours making this? Hell no, follow the step-by-step tutorial and you will come out with your own gooey stretchy wonderful polka dot slime.


  • Rainbow Unicorn Fluffy Slime

You can make this rainbow unicorn slime recipes in just a few easy to follow steps, and the fact the explainer video was made by a kid, I will also encourage you to allow your kids try making this slime recipe by themselves.

You can substitute the borax with a saline solution if your kid is allergic to borax.


  • Fluffy Slime Recipe

Another unicorn rainbow slime recipes but in different shades of color, the shaving powder ingredients do a great deal of wonder to this slime by making it extraordinarily fluffy.

Your kids will find it really fun, but your supervision is highly needed in the process of the making.


  • Homemade Glitter Gak Recipe

We have seen a lot of slime recipes with glitters, but this awesome flow slime recipe brings to us glitters in different shapes like stars and hearts. Since the slime can stretch really thin it can be considered for making bubble slime.


  • Elmer’s Clear Glue Slime Recipe

Am sure you are stunned by the picture above, believe me, I was also. And I said to myself only with in-depth research on can come up with this, guess what, I was right.

This crystal glass slime recipe was made by mixing up ELMER’S CLEAR GLUE with some other important slime ingredients.


  • 3-Ingredient Butter Slime!

Another astonishing creative slime recipe. Only made with 3 ingredients, meanwhile, the king of the ingredients in the butter slime recipe is the soft clay.

It might be a bit challenging to lay hands on the perfect soft clay for this recipe but Amazon got you covered.


  • Birthday Cake Confetti Slime

Believe me when I say this is one of the most beautiful slimes have ever seen on the web. Absolutely wonderful, you might be tempted to make it your kid next birthday cake but unfortunately, it isn’t edible.


  • Cotton Candy Slime

I almost called it a candy when I stumbled upon the picture on Pinterest not until I saw the title reading slime. Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil added to the cotton candy slime makes it smell good and I think it is worth a trial.


  • Edible Slime from Starburst Candy

Lovely and edible, this slime is made by combining the almighty starburst candy with your regular slime ingredients and the fact that cooking is involved makes it more fun.

And if you are finding it difficult to cook with your kids you can check my post on cooking with toddles am sure you will find It helpful.


  • Glitter Mermaid Slime

Another way you explain nature and habitat to your kids while making the mermaid slime you can tell them few tales of the mermaid, how it has managed to live in the sea having the structure of man and fish. I know you kid will definitely find it interesting and fun.


  • Pirate’s Booty Slime

Bringing comic to life in an unimaginable way is what this slime recipe explains. A lover of Captain Jack Sparrow went into the creativity realm to create this wonderful slime idea.


  • Edible Chocolate Slime

Been the most edible and amazing slime recipe on the list, you kids can play with this slime and at the same time having a taste of it. I think you can make this recipe one of the first Slime you are going to try out on the list.


Which of these slime recipes is your favorite? I’d Love to know.


20 Creative and Stress-Free Slime Recipes Moms Can Make with Kids in Few Minutes

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