Chores for Kids To Earn Money (Allowance)

Allowance for kids and the chores they do to earn is not a straitjacket approach or a one size fit all. Kids are expected to help with chores around the house; at least to contribute their quota to the smooth running of the family. Howbeit there are chores that can be tagged along with allowance.

If you want to make your kids chores paid chores, how early is too early? Kids below the age of five may not fully understand the concept of allowance or doing chores to earn money but they can be trained early to learn how to be responsible and to help with task around appropriate for their age.

Here is some list of chores for kids to earn money in age ranges.


Children, two to four years of age can put their toys away, place napkins in appropriate locations, put food in the dog’s dish, place their dirty clothes in the laundry.


Five to seven years can sort laundry, wash dishes or empty dishes for the dishwasher, dust around the house, water the flowers, make their beds


Eight to ten years kids can set and clear up the dining table, sweep, vacuum, dust, make beds and clean their rooms. They can also take care of the pets in the house.


From the ages of eleven to thirteen, they can handle the laundry, wash cars, mow the lawn, trim the edges of the flowers, help prepare meals, take care of their younger siblings and wash and keep the bathroom and toilet clean.


For ages fourteen and above they should handle harder task while helping with the simple chores, they have learned from childhood. Because older teens can work and earn money outside their reliance on doing chores to earn allowance reduces and because of school, work demands, their interest in house chore may dwindle.

You can now decide if and when you want to cut the allowance for chores. And give allowance to augment your child’s income.

Getting your children to help at parties or family functions is also a way to earn money. Younger children can do the smaller task jobs like picking plates and any other things that need to go into the trash or kitchen. Older kids below the age of thirteen can keep the drinks filled and assist in serving them. You can pay them according to their ages.

Whatever chores your child does, let him be aware of how much you intend to pay him before the chores are done. When your children earn money from doing chores they begin to learn how difficult it is to come by money and when you require them to buy some of the things they need from the money they earned they also understand how easy it is for money to be spent.

And by so doing, they learn laws of money and the importance of saving. Teach your kids to invest the money they earned so that they learn to make smart and informed choices when they have more money.

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