Super-Simple Ways You Can Make Cooking with Toddlers Fun

While cooking with toddlers can be very tasking except you add recipes that can make cooking fun for them; recipes that involve stirring.

Because cooking involves all five senses, the sensory input of the toddlers is helped and developed when they get involved in cooking. But there are certain points to note before you allow your toddler get into the kitchen with you ready to whip and mix all the mixable.

Make sure your toddler is not tired or exhausted. Choose a time when he is active. In the morning or after naptime would be fine.

  • Don’t pick difficult or time-consuming recipes.
  • Measure out all the ingredients separately and have them ready for your toddler to mix in a bowl.
  • Make sure there is mixing and stirring in the cooking routine because those are their favorite aspect of cooking
  • Have your toddler clean the mess he would sure create after the mixing process and you can be certain he would love to do that.
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Here are some recipes you and your toddler will enjoy cooking together

  • Chocolate Pudding

Just because it is sweet and fun to lick, your kids will enjoy cooking this with you in the kitchen; especially since it involves a lot of stirring. Get your kids to help you with the stirring while you add the ingredients and do other things.

  • Space rock cakes

These can be really fun mixing these cakes using only two ingredients. When you ask your toddler to join you in mixing and chanting nursery rhymes, cooking becomes more fun.

  • Thai Green Turkey Balls

If you have a child that is a fan of cooking, then this should be your first recipe.

Cheese Puffs are simple snacks to make. They are also sweet so your kid would be much interested in helping you mix it.

  • Chin-chin

This is another recipe your toddler would enjoy doing with you. Join in the mixing and then in the cutting

  • Pizza making

Pizza making is highly interactive making the process more fun for your toddler. It is also a great way to get your children positively engaged.

  • Snail scrolls

This is another fun recipe for your toddler. Lay out the pastry and leave the ingredients for your toddler to sprinkle all over it.

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Two ingredients scones

Your toddler will definitely love whipping this and you both will have fun

  • Anzac biscuit

This recipe has its root in history and is perfectly fine for an educational and fun coking. Your little one will not mind trying something that his grandparents have eaten.

  • Weet-Bix Slice

With simple ingredients off your kitchen cupboard, you and your kids will have a great time mixing and cooking any time any day.

The joy moms derived from carrying out some exciting activities with their toddlers cannot over-estimated. Leave a comment on the recipes you have joyfully cooked with your toddler and I will have it featured in my next article.

Super-Simple Ways You Can Make Cooking with Toddlers Fun


Super-Simple Ways You Can Make Cooking with Toddlers Fun

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