Best 10 Valentine’s Crafts for Toddlers Of All Time!

It’s the season of love again. There has always been a misconception that Valentine is romantically themed therefore it should be just for lovers. This is not necessarily true, neither is it false as well. Valentine’s Day is a day we take time out to affirm our love to people who mean a lot to us. This implies that kids should also be shown love on this day as well. One of the ways of showing love to them is making Valentine’s Day crafts and making them participate.



There is nothing greater than love among families. This is the basis of life which this sentimental Valentine’s Day craft hopes to achieve. This Valentine’s Day craft is a fun way to bring everyone together. It gives every family member a visual reminder of why we all think they are special. Here are some easy steps to make this Valentine’s craft for toddlers

  • Trace each family members hand and arm on a piece of paper and cut them out. Sometimes it preferable to use wallpapers.
  • In case of using a colored paper, cut large hearts for leaves. Each person will need at least one heart per family member.
  • Give each person a stack of blank hearts and ask them to write a note for each member of the family, they should write something they love about them.
  • Sort the finished hearts by person and glue them onto the hand or arm. Glues do not stick to wallpapers so it’s better to use staples.
  • Display the trees somewhere that they can be seen all month.

Love Tree



Kids love dogs. It is the perfect craft for them. Even explaining to them that a cute puppy face can be made with nothing but heart shapes will get them all excited. All that is needed are construction papers, scissors, and glue. Here are the steps to follow when making them.

  • Start by cutting out 2 big red and pink hearts from construction paper.
  • Cut the pink heart into half to make the dog’s ear floppy. After that cut out a smaller black heart for the nose and 2 little white hearts for the eyes
  • Glue all the paper together and cut out a small pink oval to make dog tongue sticking out. Add 2 dots on the eyes with a black marker
  • If you want the dog to have spots, grab some red paint and have the kids dip their pointer finger in it. Fingerprint crafts are always the best.




Now not all family members are available during Valentines Day’s. Father might be at work in a faraway place, or a sibling might be at boarding school. One o the ways of making sure they are felt during valentine is to send them Valentine’s Day craft depicting long distance hugs. The materials need include construction paper (preferably pink or red), a pretty ribbon, scissors, a hole punch and the special note that is to be sent. Here are the steps to make a long distance hug valentine’s day craft for kids

  • Trace both handprints on construction paper
  • Cut out the handprints and make a hole
  • Measure the arm span of your child and cut the ribbon in the same lengths.
  • Tie the hands onto the ends of the ribbon
  • Handwrite the special note on a piece of paper.


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Everyone needs something for writing love notes at this time of the year. This Valentine’s Day craft for kids will help them get crafty with school supplies and also in the process make them catch some fun. All that is needed are some pencils, paints, glue, paper and pipe cleaners. Here are the steps to making this Valentines Day craft.

  • Pint some pencils red and silver.
  • Let them dry.
  • Make hearts and spirals out of silver and red pipe cleaners.
  • Twist the small tail on the pipe cleaner shape and around the end of the pencil.
  • Use hot glue to hold pipe cleaners in place.
  • All that is needed now are some mini notebooks.




Putting together cupid arrows and munching with friends sounds like the very definition of fun for kids on Valentines Day. This craft is quite enjoyable and easy to do. It is such a fast and easy project. Here are the steps to take

  • Stick a heart to one end of the pretzel to represent the arrow tip
  • Cut the top off the other heart t represent the feathers
  • Stick that heart on the other end of the pretzel





It’s no secret that kids like sugar, so what could be better than sweets in sticks. Not only are these valentine’s day craft for toddlers easy to make but they could also be adapted for just about any holiday or special location. The materials needed are bamboo skewers, clear bags, ribbons and a variety of soft/gummy themed candies. Here are the steps to make this Valentine’s Day craft

  • Insert candies onto the skewer, pressing the candies a little more than halfway down on the skewer. Alternate the sizes, flavors, and colors. Be careful with the bamboo skewers, the end is really pointy. Make sure you do not poke yourself.
  • Insert each kabob into a clear plastic bag and tie it off with a ribbon.


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Card sending is one of the major features of Valentines Day. One of the best ways of catching fun and also saving yourself some money from buying valentine’s day cards is to home make one. Materials needed for making a homemade valentine card include watercolors and brush, construction paper, scissors, glues, and crayons. Here are the steps to follow

  • On a piece of white construction paper or card stock, allow your child to cover it with paint using fingers or brush
  • Leaving it white is fine then allow to dry
  • Trace letters on the dry painted paper
  • Cut the bottom of the construction paper to make it more square than rectangular
  • Allow drying
  • Using crayons, encourage the child to write their valentine’s day letter
  • Find an envelope and address it together



Want that Valentine’s Day craft that juggles fun with math’s learning. The symmetry heart Valentine’s Day craft is the one for you and your kid. This simple project is great for toddlers, and it turns art into a learning experience about symmetry. Kids naturally do not have the full patience for geometry lessons but you are never too young to enjoy the beauty of symmetry. Here are the steps to follow

  • Fill the kids paint pallets with shades of red, pink, blue and purple.
  • Encourage the kids to load their brushes with lots of paint.
  • Instruct them to fold their painted heart over by pressing the 2 sides together.




Not only is this valentine’s day craft for toddlers fun and easy to make, they are also a great learning tool for the little one who is practicing using scissors, spelling their name and matching puzzle pieces. Name puzzles are a fabulous way to help children learn to identify and order their name letters and name letters are the very first place to start when teaching kids letters. Here are the steps to follow to make this Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers.

  • Cut a heart out of a construction paper
  • Print a name in the heart and draw curvy and zigzag lines between each of the letters.
  • Then tell the child to cut the lines to divide his/her puzzle into pieces with each letter separate
  • Finally, encourage the child to reassemble his name and glue his/her heart onto a white piece of paper.




This Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers requires kids to get a little messy but the result is a beautiful piece of art. Kids definitely will enjoy this Valentine’s Day craft as they like to get messy and have fun at the same time. The materials to be used are white construction paper with any color of choice, washable tempera paint in a variety of color, foam paper or cardboard, scissors, gentle tape Here are the steps to follow

  • Make out cut letters from paper
  • Tape them on a white canvas. Make sure you use gentle tape like painters tape otherwise your white paper may rip when you peel the letters off later on
  • Have the Childs artist finger paint with red, pink, purple and peach washable paint until the whole paper is full of color.
  • It is really important to make sure that the paint is applied along the edges of each letter. If too many white spaces are left by the edges, the letters won’t look like letters when you lift off the stencils later.
  • After the paint is dried, peel away the letters.



Best 10 Valentine’s Crafts for Toddlers

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Best 10 Valentine’s Crafts for Toddlers

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