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Parenting is a stage of life most adults think they are prepared to face but when it eventually arrives, they struggle with it. Some adults are full-time workers who will find it extremely difficult to juggle work with parenting.

Some are full-time parents but lack the necessary experience to lead their children to be better individuals in the society.

Therefore, in this internet savvy period, there are several online parenting classes and courses available for adults and others who are parents to cut their teeth from.

Here are some top free 10 online parenting classes to help you


The website as set up by Kathy Slattengren has helped thousands of parents and teachers all over the world through online classes, presentation, books, and coaching. The participants report their success in replacing and yelling and threats with calm confident responses.

The site is set up on the basis of helping parents thrive by supporting them to do their possible best parenting. The mantra is that parents need to have a warm, loving relationship with their children who also want their parents’ love and acceptance.

When parents know what to expect at their children ages and how to respond in healthy ways to challenging behavior, they are set up for success.

The price ranges covered by priceless parenting are categorized into 4 groups. With classes for parenting children ages 5 and under, ages 6 to 12, ages 13 to 18 and parenting teen through college transition.


This online parenting class is founded by Amy McCready .What inspired her was the fact that she found parenting more difficult than her senior-level job at a company so she had to begin taking classes.

After study and taking many classes, she used her instructional design experience t create her own parenting program.

The online classes on this website are based on Alderian Psychology and Positive discipline theory. Alderian psychology is a holistic psychology that focuses on the goals and purposes of human behavior. Holism suggests that a person is working toward the same goal on all levels of his or her experience. It believes that nothing happens in isolation.

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The website covers the age ranges from 2 through 16. The uniqueness of this online parent class is that it doesn’t teach a quick fix short-term technique but rather goes to the foundation based on mutual respect and dignity. It has a tremendous positive influence on how parenting should go.


This online parenting class was originally founded to helping educators and professionals who wanted in-depth training on developmental psychology in parenting as posited by Gordon Neufeld.

The approach by the courses on offer on this platform helps parents become the answer to their children regardless of the origins of troubling behavior.

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The online parenting class uses developmental science and Nuefeld’s attachment-based developmental approach whose mission is to rejoin parents to their natural intuition. There are more than 20 courses on offer with a generalization of all ages.


This online parenting platform focuses on peaceful parenting approach and aims to give parents the tools for self-regulation, strengthening and sweetening the parent-child connection. It also posits teaching parents to coach kids so they want to cooperate, not yelling, threats, bribes or punishment. The course has 12-week duration with scholarships available.

Participants receive a copy of PEACEFUL PARENT, HAPPY KIDS with PDFS that contain assignments. The age ranges for this platform are for parents with kids of ages 1 – 10


This online parenting platform was founded by Melissa Benaroya. Its concerned with providing tools for the parents and support structure needed to raise healthy happy children. The classes aim to give parents confidence and to feel empowered in their decisions and fulfilled in their roles.

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The class blends clinical training with teachings of child development and discipline to assist them in nurturing the relationship they want with their child/children.

Childproof parenting is specifically focused on parents of preschoolers and toddlers with an age range of 1-5.


This online parenting platform is focused on using effective and respectful parenting strategy without being permissive. It involves giving the children chances and observing how things run when the children are given choices.

This online parenting course works with busy schedules and is definitely the answer for any parent who wants to improve their parenting kids and be the best.

It entails having respect for the children, having more time for fun, not being the referee in children squabbles,  avoiding spanking and other forms of corporal punishments and enjoying the children more. There are online parenting classes of 4, 6,8, and 10 hours which means you can get a certificate quickly.


This platform was created by Amy Lang. Its aim s to help parents become educated and comfortable with talking to children about sexuality, love, and relationship.

The belief is that parents should be the children’s first and primary sex educators and show them that sex talks can be easy, open and effective.

It entails that the sooner parents get over themselves and their discomfort and get talking about sex with their children, the better it is for everyone and most importantly their kids.

The online courses are taught via live webcast once a month and its age range is from 4-12.


Respectful communication is a huge obstacle for many families. This online parenting class challenges the parents to take the first step by looking at their own communication patterns.

The class guides parent to tackle these communication challenges with new skills and strategies that build strong relationships with their kids. The class material consists of collaborative problem-solving techniques.

The course is a 7-week e-course with one lesson via email each week.

Parents can read through the material and complete enhancement activities on their own time. The age ranges are for toddlers through teens.


This online parenting platform was founded in 2010 by Meghan Leahy. This course employs a dash of Buddhism, tons of common sense a whole lot of laughter. This makes it easy as you then get a parenting philosophy every parent can relate to.

The platform teaches that every parent has the power to change and by focusing on connection rather than quick fixes, parents can find confidence and joy.

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The mantra is that no child is too far gone and no parent is too discouraged to begin to change. The course is best suited for parents who have kids between the ages of 3 – 11.


This platform was founded in 2006. This is an online parenting course that fits all bust schedules. There is access to informative parenting advice from the comfort of the home to the office.

There is a presence of new insights from top parenting experts. Also, questions, issues, and comments from other parents are available.

Parents of children of all ages can apply to take courses on this website.


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