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  • Baby Bottle Warmer

    10 Cheap Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers Proven By Urban Moms!

    The holiday season is that time all we see on online are different ads from different companies trying to sell us their products. One very usual thing about this season is that its so easy for us to buy crap with our hard-earned money. Am sure almost everyone that shops online has been a victim […]

  • 3d Christmas TRee

    10 Awesome Christmas activities for toddlers

    Christmas is not always about taking your toddlers to visit Santa, there actually some activities you and your toddlers can get involved in, in this joy-filled Christmas that will leave lasting memories in their minds. I have over 10 Awesome Christmas activities for toddlers, I call these activities boredom busters. Am sure you are really […]

  • Pesto-Dijon Egg Salad Sandwiches

    20, 20 Mins Back To School Recipes For Toddlers

    It’s been a whole fun-filled summer and kids are so excited to go back to school to meet their playmates and start up some activities they really missed doing. Here are over 20 minutes 20 toddler recipes to help make life easy for moms preparing to send their tots to school. These recipes are so […]

  • Ham and Mac and Cheese Lunchbox Muffins

    16 Yummy Finger Foods for Toddlers

    Self-feeding is not only fun for your toddler, but also, a great way to help him develop fine motor skills and self-dependence. As soon as your kid graduates from the infanthood to the toddlerhood it becomes more imperative to help him develop some certain skills set to make life easier for him and you as […]

  • Montessori Color Match

    21 Activities That Will Make Your Toddler A Color Genius

    The benefits derived from identifying or understanding colors cannot be overestimated, just like color is very important to marketers in claiming sales so it is important in kids’ brain development according to the color psychologists. Teaching young toddlers color can be boring and challenging because their intellectual capacity is somewhat low compared to older kids, […]

  • Kmart Free $10 Cash

    Kmart offering $10 Free cash in points to their loyal customers. All you need to do is just to fill a short survey to claim your  Kmart free cash promo. To use your cash promo you have to make a purchase up to $10. [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”″ ]  

  • Nap training toddler: All you need to know

    Nap Training a Toddler: All You Need to Know

    Toddlers are constantly undergoing several developmental changes in their body. From physical to mental and sleep is their only life lone to restoring themselves and getting revitalized. Knowing how much sleep a toddler needs and how much rest you need from your very active toddler, every parent would wonder why their toddler keeps evading naps […]

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