Hi, am Tobias, Dave’s Uncle

Am so glad to have you here on my blog, have got in here the tips to help to parent your toddler the easy way.

The Journey

I became so passionate about parenting after spending a few months with Dave and his mom, those months opened my eyes to a lot of unimaginable things that accompanies parenting.

Among all things, what really struck me was the sacrifice that comes with raising my toddler nephew, Dave.

During my stay, I took it upon myself to help Dave’s mom live a happier and stress-free life with Dave, which is how I discovered some basic activities and craft, easy to make recipes and parenting tips.

Just because of what we went through to discover all these tips, I decided to start up this blog to help other moms cut the stress by just writing (though am not a professional writer) about things that worked for Dave.

I would appreciate your accolade and criticism on my blog posts as it will help make me a better writer and understand more about parenting.