One of the most attached word to fitness is “NO PAIN NO GAIN”, but do you know it is highly possible to see massive gains in fitness while encountering little pain?  And that’s where the Plank Fat Burning challenge comes in.

The importance of Plank exercises cannot be overestimated, it is considered as one of the leading fat burning challenges and this is evident in the considerable high searches it gets per month and also a great number of resources and articles available.

Speaking about the benefits of the fat burning workout (Plank); this form of body-weight workout has been proven by experts to help carve a proper core and perfectly shape the butt at the same time achieving a slimmer waist plus a sexy flat tummy.

Been one of the most effective and efficient core moves, one very amazing thing about plank workout that will put a grin on your face is that it only requires just a little time to start seeing the result.

As said earlier, due to massive resources available for planks exercise it becomes hard for beginners to get into the move, which is why we had to ransack the web to curate just the best Plank Fat Burning Challenge for beginners and likewise experts who need more tips.


4 Awesome Plank Fat Burning Challenge For Beginners;

Plank Fat Burning Challenge For Beginners

Here, Stephanie revealed how she got into the plank challenge and the benefits of going through the body-weight workout.

She stated in clear terms, how to go about the plank exercise and required time for each day needed to complete the 30 days challenge.

plank exercise


Kim gave us a clear picture of what really plank exercise is all about and further drilling down its importance with a well-structured article.

She made us understand how to do the plank exercise the right way and the most common mistakes a beginner might encounter and how to avoid them to get the perfect result from the plank challenge.

plank exercise

One thing that fascinated me about this article is that it started from listing out the benefits of the plank fat burning working then moved on to state the guidelines to planking.

Adding a YouTube video of a guy planking made it a perfect source for a beginner, not forgetting the How-to Plank Workout the right way and crowing it all with the sources the content was gotten from to confirm the authenticity of the content.

Plank Fat Burning Challenge For Beginners

Such an in-depth article I must say, not just listing out the benefits of plank workout was what made this article appear on our list, but the fact that it further highlighted its variations, helpful tips and likewise the common mistakes to avoid.

The article further drilled down the few ways to increase plank exercise time for beginners to get the maximum result.


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